Solar Chargers – Chafon 40W/0.053Hp Universal Folding Solar Panels Chargers Mono-Crystalline with 18V Aviation DC Output for Battery UPS and USB 5V/2A Port

Welcome on my extraordinary weblog, at this point you are studying Chafon 40W/0.053Hp Universal Folding Solar Panels Chargers Mono-Crystalline with 18V Aviation DC Output for Battery UPS and USB 5V/2A Port blog post. I’m sure at this moment you are searching for Solar Chargers product. Along with now, I want to cover Chafon 40W/0.053Hp Universal Folding Solar Panels Chargers Mono-Crystalline with 18V Aviation DC Output for Battery UPS and USB 5V/2A Port, which might be shall be in shape on your behalf. In this post, you can discover a lot more element about Chafon 40W/0.053Hp Universal Folding Solar Panels Chargers Mono-Crystalline with 18V Aviation DC Output for Battery UPS and USB 5V/2A Port. This Chafon 40W/0.053Hp Universal Folding Solar Panels Chargers Mono-Crystalline with 18V Aviation DC Output for Battery UPS and USB 5V/2A Port is item out of CHAFON brand.

Here you can red the Chafon 40W/0.053Hp Universal Folding Solar Panels Chargers Mono-Crystalline with 18V Aviation DC Output for Battery UPS and USB 5V/2A Port Detailed description:

Why you choose Chafon
Chafon every piece is 100% Authentic and Genuine.Light-hearted,save money and time,Chafon 40W/0.053Hp 18V universal folding and portable solar panel is your first choice

Compatible with
–18V aviation DC output support to compatible with Chafon Li-ion Battery UPS
–5V/2A Port for more smart-phone,Tablet,etc

Designed to be Carried Around
Each panel is about the size of a regular piece of paper,making it perfect for traveling or outdoor activities,especially when it is folded up into its convenient -to-carry form.Plus,its mounting loops allow you to easily attach it to your backpack or any other location.

Product Specifications
Charging Port Output:DC 18V/2.22A(Max) & USB 5V/2.0A
Power: 40W/0.053Hp
Opened Size: 40.55 x 13.39 x 0.2 inch/ 103 x 34 x 0.5 cm
Closed Size: 13.19 x 9.84 x 0.98 inch / 33.5 x 25 x 2.5 cm
Packing size:14.17 x 10.24 x 1.77 inch/36 x 26 x 4.5 cm
Weight: 51.15 ounce / 1.45 kg
Packing weight:54.67 ounce / 1.55 kg

12 Month Worry-free Warranty At Chafon,we are committed to provide high quality products.If you need assistance with our products,simply contact Chafon and our friendly customer service team will assist you.

Please note:Not support the UPS and phone charging at the same time

When you chosen to obtain a item which include Chafon 40W/0.053Hp Universal Folding Solar Panels Chargers Mono-Crystalline with 18V Aviation DC Output for Battery UPS and USB 5V/2A Port, to consider around Chafon 40W/0.053Hp Universal Folding Solar Panels Chargers Mono-Crystalline with 18V Aviation DC Output for Battery UPS and USB 5V/2A Port price tag, element and will be product reviews from other persons by way of push THIS LINK . Along with Lets hope this assists you to purchase or simply possibly not Chafon 40W/0.053Hp Universal Folding Solar Panels Chargers Mono-Crystalline with 18V Aviation DC Output for Battery UPS and USB 5V/2A Port merchandise, or may very well be will help uou to locate other item that will comparable or superior to Chafon 40W/0.053Hp Universal Folding Solar Panels Chargers Mono-Crystalline with 18V Aviation DC Output for Battery UPS and USB 5V/2A Port in there.

Below are a few that snap shots involving Chafon 40W/0.053Hp Universal Folding Solar Panels Chargers Mono-Crystalline with 18V Aviation DC Output for Battery UPS and USB 5V/2A Port:

The Chafon 40W/0.053Hp Universal Folding Solar Panels Chargers Mono-Crystalline with 18V Aviation DC Output for Battery UPS and USB 5V/2A Port Price :

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Following literally you recognize on the subject of some details about Chafon 40W/0.053Hp Universal Folding Solar Panels Chargers Mono-Crystalline with 18V Aviation DC Output for Battery UPS and USB 5V/2A Port. I hope this Chafon 40W/0.053Hp Universal Folding Solar Panels Chargers Mono-Crystalline with 18V Aviation DC Output for Battery UPS and USB 5V/2A Port item is usually fit for the require. Or even in case you nevertheless plan to look for other merchandise with Chafon 40W/0.053Hp Universal Folding Solar Panels Chargers Mono-Crystalline with 18V Aviation DC Output for Battery UPS and USB 5V/2A Port, you may look into within each Solar Chargers category, or simply while using the search container to be able to search the item you want. And if retail outlet for the following Chafon 40W/0.053Hp Universal Folding Solar Panels Chargers Mono-Crystalline with 18V Aviation DC Output for Battery UPS and USB 5V/2A Port, you need to simply click BUY BUTTON below.

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